A Better Way to Freeze Bananas For Your Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Try not to toss out those overripe bananas. With two or three minutes of preparation work, they can be changed into frozen pieces of gold, ideal for your fruit smoothies. Here’s the most ideal approach to do it:

how to freeze banana bloggerofhealth

  1. Start with overripe, spotty bananas because they have substantially more flavor.
  2. Peel the greater part of the bananas.
  3. Slice them into 1-to 2-inch pieces. Littler pieces are much less demanding on your blender; even a powerful blender, will experience difficulty blending an entire banana.
  4. Arrange them in a single layer on a material or wax-paper lined rimmed sheet pan. Do not simply hurl the unfrozen pieces into a freezer safe bag; if you do this, they will freeze into a block of banana pieces that will need to be chipped apart before utilizing.
  5. Once frozen, transfer them to freezer safe bags. We get a separate them into individual bags that hold simply enough banana pieces for a smoothie recipe, so there is no mystery or measuring required when you are drained and hoping to barrage your approach to breakfast.

Our smoothie recipes usually include 1 or 2 bananas, but there are many more recipes that use less. But go on our website BloggerOfHealth, and go through the recipes and find the one that will become your favorite!

Armed with a freezer loaded with banana bags, you will generally be prepared for rich, velvety smoothies, vegan banana “dessert,” banana bread, or cereal.

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Smoothie Trick – When you Learn, you Will be Amazed

healthy smoothie trick

Having a nice fruit smoothie recipe after your work-out or for breakfast is a super-healthy rock star move.

In any case, many people stress over not having room schedule-wise to make them in the morning. This can get people stuck.

So here is a trick you can use.

Preparing your healthy smoothies recipes will spare you load of time, and have enough smoothies for a month.

This is what you will require:

  • Freezer safe bags (gallon size) and mason jars (32 oz.); both function admirably to keep everything fresh.
  • Dark leafy green of your decision (or mix it up)
  • Fruit particularly seasonal (strawberries are the bomb in spring)
  • A great base, for example, a banana.

Now here it is the preparing magic:

  1. Chop and measure smoothie ingredients as indicated by your recipe. On the off chance that using a mason jug, begin with fruits and then include leafy greens last so they are towards the top. Do not include the fluid or protein powder yet. Hold up until you are prepared to mix.
  2. Put all smoothie recipe ingredients in the jar or a bag.
  3. Name with name of the recipe (or ingredients) and date.
  4. Store in cooler for up to 6 months.

When you are prepared to mix:

  1. Take out the bag or jar from freezer and pour ingredients into blender alongside the fluid and powder (in the event that you are including). It is preferred almond or coconut milk for the fluids and Vega powder for protein. Mix and drink up.

For more juicy fruit flavor, you can take your smoothie creation out of the freezer the night before and let it defrost a bit.

You can likewise make your smoothie ahead of time and store your smoothies in a firmly fixed holder up to 3 days in the fridge.

So, now you have the time to drink your healthy smoothie in the morning!

Visit Us BloggerOfHealth and find more healthy recipes for your healthy lifestyle.

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Kid-Friendly Smoothie Dishes Recipes

healthy smoothie recipe for kids

Smoothie dishes are extremely popular for breakfast nowadays. They are fun, colorful, and healthy, however now and then they can be a little on the exotic side, with surprising ingredients such as acai, Goji berries, and hemp seeds, and honey bee dust. Kid-friendly breakfast bowls are made with unmistakable ingredients to please even your most finicky little ones, without giving up any of the healthy advantages. I believe they are sufficiently alluring to give sugary cereal a run for their cash!

There are lots of approaches to build a breakfast smoothie dish. You can begin off with some chia pudding, made with almond milk and chia seeds, layered on the bottom and after that finish it off with a cherry smoothie, making it thick and creamy with frozen fruits, Greek yogurt, and honey.

Breakfast is such an important meal, particularly for school aged children, however so frequently the anxiety of the day ahead blunts their morning craving. Kids eat with their eyes simply like grown-ups do, and a little attention to detail goes far.

Healthy smoothie dishes recipes are delightful little works of edible art and it is enjoyable to organize the bits of fruits on top. Get the children included in the process and they can plan their own masterpiece. Other than fresh fruit, there are huge amounts of different things you can use to decorate your smoothie dish, as shredded coconut, chopped nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, dried fruit, and pomegranate arils, just to give some examples. A sprinkle of granola includes a pleasant contrast of texture.

Kid-friendly healthy smoothie dishes recipe



  • 1 cup almond milk, unsweetened
  • 4 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 medium kiwi
  • 2 cup Greek yogurt, plain
  • 1 cup frozen cherries
  • 2 tablespoon honey
  • 1/2 cup grapes
  • 1/2 cup banana
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1 cup melon cubes


Bowl 1

  1. Spoon a layer of chia pudding on the base of a clear dish.
  2. Arrange kiwi cuts around the sides of the dish.
  3. Blend the frozen cherries and 1 cup yogurt in a blender until smooth. Mix in the honey if using.
  4. Add the cherry yogurt on top of the chia pudding.
  5. Top with fresh fruit.


  1. Blend the frozen fruit with the yogurt until smooth. Mix in the honey.
  2. Put the yogurt in a dish and place banana cuts around the outside.
  3. Arrange bits of fresh fruit across the top.
  4. Scatter granola over.
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Learn the Purposes of Using a Phone Tracker

parents tracking kids

Parents stress over their children getting hurt and grown-ups stress over the security and prosperity of elderly parents at all times. Rapes, accidents, kidnappings, and kid trafficking are some the threatening occasions that have turned out to be a vital part of current life.

Numerous security steps have been taken by the government, but then families and companions keep on agonizing over their friends and family for their wellbeing. There is a developing worry to discover a resource that addresses the security anxieties of our precious ones. With innovation, it has ended up conceivable to locate an exact option for your fears.

Luckily, cell applications offer you some assistance with tracking the activities of your family and companions to give you genuine feelings of serenity in regards to their security.

Family location tracking

A cell phone tracker application will give you precise results of your family’s present and correct area at all times. The live area trail empowers you to follow along continuously of the whereabouts of your family and companions from point to point on a Google map, empowering you to know the precise area inevitably. Presently you will never need to stress over your relatives getting lost whilst travelling or stress over their security in case of floods or earthquakes. You can pinpoint the accurate area and augment your assistance quickly if the circumstance emerges.

It can be precarious to monitor all your relatives when going out on a major, long excursion, particularly when you need to coordinate with a few individuals. While travelling can be a considerable measure of fun, it likewise shows the danger of losing all sense of direction in outside area or the potential outcomes of unanticipated circumstances, for example, mischances and incidents. With cell app you can screen the area trail of all your relatives, whether you go cruising, hiking or on solo trips. You and your relative can wander effortless with a cell tracker installed on the Android phones.

Tracking your kids

Missing kids and sexual stalkers are each parent’s worst nightmare. Be that as it may, today, with keen GPS tracker in your cell phone, you can counteract terrible accidents. With a GPS tracker on your kid’s cell phone, you can keep an ongoing track of your kid’s area. What’s more, not simply area, you can likewise keep a tab on the applications utilization, track call history, and keep a beware of all the approaching and texts, including erased messages, so you can shield your kid from any spontaneous advances and keep them safe from unsafe circumstances.

Instructions to stay lawful while using a cell phone tracker:

  1. Only install the cell phone tracking software on a device that you possess and pay for. Devices you purchase for your workers and kids go under this; you have the privilege to track how your device is being used.
  2. Inform the cell phone client that the cell phone device is being tracked; frequently this is superior to a hidden application as it keeps the cell phone client in accordance with the principles laid out.
  3. Secure tracked information, cell phone information is characteristically individual in nature use a safe framework and guarantee the information being logged is sheltered.
  4. Periodically cleanse information gathered, guarantee the tracker you use cleanses information gathered at the appropriate course of time, this can be weeks or months however clutching secret information inconclusively is not the best game-plan.
  5. Be aware of laws that manage access to patient data, putting a tracker on a human health care worker device requires uncommon consideration.


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What To Do If Your Cell Phone Is Stolen?

think cell phones

Mobile phone robbery appears like a constantly developing business. Getting robbed in the city and back streets has turned into very normal these days. On the off chance that your mobile phone is stolen, the expense of the phone turns into an auxiliary matter. The measure of individual information, pictures and essential data put away on the cell phone device is of essential imperative for almost everybody.

On the off chance that you happen to be subjected to mobile phone robbery, there is something you can at present do to recuperate your cell phone and discover the thief. Normally all advanced mobile phones request that you include an individual distinguishing proof as an email address. When you enter the email address, your whole information on the phone can be moved down on a cloud device. In any case, that is not it, when your telephone is synchronized with the email address; it actuates a GPS locator in the cell phone too. Regardless of where you will be, you can get to the area of your phone at whatever point and wherever it is exchanged on. GPS cell phone tracker can offer you some assistance with locating your phone regardless of the fact that your SIM card has been tossed out of it. You can likewise get alarms if the SIM card in your cell phone is changed.

In the event that you happen to lose your phone to a thief, there is nothing to stress over the length of your GPS locator is on and your phone is matched up with the record you entered on your phone. All you will need to do is access a GPS area site, enter your phone number or the email ID matched up with your cell phone device and you will be furnished with the careful area of your device.

How to find your stolen phone device?

cell phone tracker


Nobody wants to lose their cell phone device; however in the event that it is stolen there are ways that can be used to recover back the device. However in the event that your cell phone gets stolen, it is prudent to have set up Find my phone application on your phone. You can get reinforcement or if nothing else keep the thief from getting at your own information from your phone.

Finding the cell phone device it zooms in on the map and demonstrates the area using a green dot, to get the real area and view the map satellite with Google maps or half breed model. This leads you to the definite spot that your device is being used. Moreover it is prudent to dependably download a cell tracker application once you buy another telephone. This kind of application has decreased particularly the taking of telephones as it is currently simple to get the thief and follow your lost cell phone. Depending on the cell tracker app, you can erase all information from your device whether your phone is progressing simply revive and you will get the present area of your mobile device.

The minute your cell phone has been found a window appears over the green dot that continues squinting to caution on the careful area it gives different choices with possibility of one. Nonetheless you can promptly lock the cell phone with the goal that information is not accessed to when you press the lost mode code, and you can send something specific that will be shown on the screen once you are completed – press done.

When you have perhaps lost your phone, the first choice is play sound sending a sound to the device if your cell phone is in the house or the workplace and you need assistance discovering it this is simple as it will caution whoever is around.

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